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When you look at Houston condo management, there is one company that stands out above the rest; RISE Association Management Group. Their home page says it all, they sharpen your focus instead of dulling your experience. How do they make this happen? They focus on condo management only, specifically, Houston condo management.

Most condo management groups represent not just condos, but also single family homeowner’s associations. These are two completely different animals and require two completely difference approaches. It’s like this, you wouldn’t have your General Practitioner do heart surgery; so why trust your condo management to someone who provides broad and limited knowledge to multiple market sectors.

What does RISE provide in Houston condo management?

RISE Association Management Group provides management by starting with a staff that has extensive knowledge in multiple subject areas working in teams for your success.

RISE provides a comprehensive program in Houston condo management that includes:

  • CFO Insight Reporting
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Work Order Management Systems
  • Banking/Website Integration
  • Board/Owner Online Resources
  • Risk Management and Prevention
  • Effective Receivables/Collection Management
  • Compliance Enforcement

RISE can provide your Houston condo management maintenance.

We all know that there is more than the financial and administrative side to Houston condo management. For maintenance of common areas and facilities, RISE has a team of specialist that know facility management. They know how to spec, hire, perform and supervise your repairs and maintenance. They real beauty in this part of the RISE Houston condo management difference is you share those facility specialist, so the cost is spread over multiple properties, reducing cost for all. This is Houston condo management done right.

Management; focus and accountability.

Most Houston condo management provided by the broad spectrum guys only provide the status quo. You don’t know where they are starting because they provide no defined baseline. The result, there is no long-term focus and limited accountability. RISE is different when it comes to Houston. They start by evaluating not just your financial condition, but also your physical condition. It doesn’t stop there either, they work with you to define goals, identify weaknesses. The most important thing RISE provides condo management is accountability, with RISE on your side you always know where you stand financially and physically. Monthly reporting keeps you in the loop and provides real time data upping the accountability factor for RISE.

Give RISE a call today and begin your journey to complete Houston condo management. The number is 713.936.9200 or email us at [email protected]. Let RISE sharpen your focus without dulling your experience.