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Thrive, an initiative created by RISE, is about Re-Building Community following the great divide created during the Pandemic. We do this by providing communities with fun and unique experiences that foster connection, community growth, and a sense of belonging.

Communities that support residents and boards thrive in ways others do not. We know from working with dozens of HOAs and condo boards that serving on the board for any length of time becomes so much harder when the connection between the community is strained or distant. Our Thrive program puts faces to names and builds community through shared experiences. The goal is to build supportive communities that know and support one another.

Why is community building so important, and what makes RISE unique in its approach?

Belonging & Connection

Board Members with strong positive relationships with their community find greater success and satisfaction in serving.

  • It’s about bringing people together
  • Creating a space where people can feel heard, valued, and supported

This is Where RISE Comes In

Our experiences are turn key and provide you with a chance to sit back and enjoy your neighbors. All events share a common component of shared learning, shared service, and sometimes a little shared competition.

“I can't believe that I've lived next to my neighbor for six years and I've never had a conversation until tonight. Thank you RISE for putting this lovely evening together. It was a nice event, and we made some progress in our efforts to engage more of our neighbors. I know I speak for the entire board when I say we’re thankful for your support and guidance.”

Nancy G.Keystone Lofts Board of Directors

But what makes RISE unique is its approach to community building

Rather than simply offering one-off events or experiences, RISE is committed to creating long-term and sustainable change in communities.

Working with Community Members

We will help you to restart your social events and reengage your social committee members.

Program Development

We'll build our your social calendar and create an unforgettable experiences for your community members all year long.

Increase Impact

Working with local organizations and community groups, RISE is able to support our local businesses and community to strengthen your community's connections.

The success of RISE and Thrive comes down to its people.

The passionate and dedicated team at RISE is committed to creating positive change in the world, and this passion and dedication is evident in everything they do. By working together and supporting one another, they are helping to create a world where everyone can thrive.

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