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When you look up the word “Rule” in a business dictionary you can understand the importance of association management rules and maybe even more importantly the need for someone like RISE management on board to interpret and manage their enforcement. The definition is weighty and reads like this:

  • Authoritative statement of what to do or not to do in a specific situation, issued by an appropriate person or body. It clarifies, demarcates, or interprets a law or policy.
    2. Statement that establishes a principle or standard, and serves as a norm for guiding or mandating action or conduct. Rules may be divided into four general categories: (1) Folklore: Unpublished rules that are conveyed by behavior and are implicitly understood. (2) Guidelines: Commonly published and recommended practices that allow some discretion with their interpretation and use. (3) Mandates: Published commands that may not be ignored in any circumstance and whose violation is punished.       
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Now, think back to the last time you read the association management rules for your condominium home, been awhile? According the experts at RISE management, it is not that unusual that people have not read the rules, as most only refer to them for clarification after the fact.

Why are association management rules so important?

The association management rules or CC&Rs as they are also called; provide the guidance to keep your condominium association running smoothly. When association management rules are interpreted and acted upon by the association board versus an experienced company like RISE management, it can spell disaster, including ill feelings among groups of residents, unequal application of rules and even in some cases lawsuits.

What is covered in the association management rules?

Association management rules, according to RISE management can include directives on issues such as:

  • Permissions needed to rent out your unit, or even if rental is allowed.
  • Special stipulations for assessments and the collection of those assessments including penalties and remedies.
  • Building and remodeling restrictions or standards.
  • Governance of the association.
  • And more…

Every owner is responsible for obtaining a copy of the association management rules for their condominium and if they rent their unit out, informing their tenant of the rules at move in. These rules can be obtained by contacting your association board or management company according to RISE management.

RISE management understands association management rules.

RISE management not only understands the importance of the association management rules, but they also know the best way to make certain they are applied consistently to keep you and your board safe from legal actions.

RISE management reminds us, association management rules are serious and can be enforced with legal action so it only makes sense to use someone like RISE management with their wealth of experience. Give RISE management a call today and find out why their services are right for you. Call them today at 713.936.9200 or email them at [email protected].