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The more we live together, the happier we will be…okay, maybe not, that’s why you need a condo management association that works to strengthen the community instead of breaking it apart. You have owners who feel like kings, tenants who feel like they don’t have a say (and in most cases, they don’t) and a board who is sure attempting to make it all work is like herding cats. But good condo management companies love herding cats and they’re good at it!

Condo management associations strengthen through financial management

There are several things a good condo management association does to make the community strong. Most importantly, the condo management association starts by making sure the community is financially stable. Communities that are not consistently assessing owners for repairs that should have been planned for will do wonders for the demeanor of the owners and it adds to the overall strength of the community.

That same condo management association can also make financial reporting easily understood for both the board and the owners. Through reserve studies and other tools, everyone understands what their monthly fees pay and how they are distributed to keep unwanted assessments out of the picture.

Condo management associations also are the keepers of the rules

Sad but true, when living in such close quarters, rules are a part of life and a good condo management company knows not only the importance of the rules, but also how to apply them equally. My father would say, the condo management company has no dog in the fight, so they apply the rules and covenants equally across the board. The condo management association removes all indications of favoritism in the implementation and enforcement of the rules.

Interpretation of the rules is also better handled by a condo management associations. Companies like RISE management in Houston deal only with condominiums, so they have experience in reviewing your rules and implementing them; they can even make suggestions should one of them pose an issue.

Condo management association keep information available to all

Condo management associations provide the access to information that all owners and tenants needs. When you have engaged someone like RISE in Houston, there is always someone to reach out to. Owners and tenants have a sounding board or an information source. This added access helps to strengthen the community. Condo management associations keep meeting minutes, budgets, CCRs and accounts all within reach of the owners who may want them.

Condo association management provides an avenue for engagement

Good condo association management understands the needs to engage. They work to provide various committees to bring people together for a common cause. It doesn’t have to be a social cause either, it could be to review an upcoming project and provide owner/tenant input. Don’t forget the tenants either; yes, they are not vested owners, but they do live there and they may have talents that can add to the wellbeing of the community. A good condo management association knows everyone in the complex and knows where those skills lay.

How strong is your condominium community?

Are you starting to wonder how your community measure us against the competition? If your community lacks the strength it should have, contact RISE Association Management today and find out how to strengthen your community through a solid condo management association. Learn more about RISE by visiting or request a quote by contacting RISE at (713) 936-9200 or [email protected]. A condo management association that increases your strength.