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The time for planning for #HurricaneHarvey is past; according to RISE association management in Houston it’s all about survival and what to do and what not to do now.

What to expect…

Anyone in association management in Houston will confirm that the greatest risk during these types of events are:
• Flooding
• Tornadoes
• Excessive wind

Association management in Houston suggest these steps to survive…

As you are hunkering down and the storm moves closer inland the rains will increase significantly and the wind will increase substantially. Best advice of association management in Houston, “Stay inside and monitor your weather radio.” People fail to realize that at 40 mph on a wet road, your car is no longer making solid contact with the road. They also fail to realize that it really doesn’t take much water running over a road to wash a vehicle away.

The wind isn’t just a danger while you’re in your vehicle, consider the danger getting to your vehicle. Simple objects become deadly projectiles as they are picked up by the wind and hurled here and there. Consider how bad you really need to leave.

Stay connected; keep your phone, tablet and portable computer charged. Remember, when these devices fail and they may during a hurricane, a battery-operated weather radio is a great investment. Many will lose power during this storm and staying aware of conditions is imperative to survival. These little inexpensive radios may very well be the most valuable purchase you will make. Don’t forget to have additional batteries.

Candles vs flashlights; they both serve a purpose in a storm according to association management in Houston. Save those flashlights for times when you need that blaring light to see, use candles for just safety lighting. The candles will most likely last longer and those batteries in that flashlight may come in valuable later.

Most important advice from association management in Houston is:

If you are told to evacuate, don’t argue, don’t take your time to google it, just GO!

By staying in a dangerous situation, you only endanger your life and that of the first responders who will have to go and rescue you. Seriously, the department of emergency management and your association management in Houston is not doing to suggest you evacuate unless it is really necessary.

After the storm passes…

After a hurricane passes, don’t be in a huge rush to get outside; dangers will be lurking from downed power lines, damaged building and roads, etc. Let your association management in Houston and the proper authorities get an assessment of the damage and dangers first.

Be a helper, don’t hinder recovery. In any disaster, according to association management in Houston you see the true heart of people; you see communities come together and people helping people recover. Be a helper, don’t hider the efforts by complaining. There are priorities to any recovery and if you don’t have the whole picture you don’t really know what is highest on the list. Listen and help.

Want to more about how association management in Houston prepares and protects you and your investment, call RISE. Explore the RISE difference at or contact RISE at (713) 936-9200 or [email protected].

To our friends and neighbors in Houston, and the association management in Houston charged with their safety, our prayers are going out for you.