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Tis’ the season, for condo management in Houston… And I don’t mean Christmas. Hurricane prep season brings unwanted visitors like Gilbert, Dolly, Ike and many more come to party in Lone Star State. In preparation, condo management in Houston months ago began dusting off their hurricane prep plans, breaking out the supplies and reviewing everything for live event. There are a lot of moving parts in these plans and condo management in Houston knows what happens if you aren’t ready.

You know what, you better hope your condo management in Houston did that because we are live and our first visitor of the season, Harvey is bearing down on the Texas coast as we speak.

Quick List for Hurricane Prep for Harvey

So, what does condo management in Houston do to prep for a major storm? To answer that question, I went to my friends at RISE. Here’s what they do for prep:

  • Months ago, they pulled out their hurricane plan and began reviewing it with all their staff, so they could reiterate each staff members’ roll; identified backup for key positions and made sure everyone had the appropriate training.
  • They looked at their checklist for prepping a property for a storm. Most condo management in Houston should have the same things on this list, like:
  • Securing outside fixtures
  • Clearing drains and drainage paths
  • Placement of sandbags for flooding
  • Backup power supply for systems and fuel to keep it running
  • Trauma bags for injuries stocked
  • Supplies like water, flashlights, canned goods, etc. bought and stored
  • Resident communication and monitoring
  • They updated their list of emergency contacts for residents and for first responders, emergency command centers. In fact, some condo management in Houston actually set up their own staffed command centers to monitor their properties and take emergency calls from tenants.
  • Condo management in Houston is also making certain they have their Contingency Plan current, including other properties that can house residents in the event of damage that deems the property unlivable; offices for staff should they need to be housed offsite and alternate lines of communication for residents to reach them. They also will have accountability plans so they can report to officials if they have missing persons.

Condo management in Houston in action

The test is here, condo management in Houston is live now and probably in the final stages of prepping their properties for Harvey. Look around your property, do you see the signs of the items above being completed. If not, you may want to do a little prep now yourself. Information on this can be found at these websites:

      • What Houstonians Should Know About Hurricane Prep
      • Hurricane Prep Safety Checklist

Then, after the storm, find out more by about condo management in Houston from a company that is prepared and protecting your investment, RISE. Explore the RISE difference at or contact RISE at (713) 936-9200 or [email protected].

To our friends and neighbors in Houston, and the condo management in Houston charged with their safety, our prayers are going out for you.