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It’s July in Houston. That means heat, humidity, and Hurricane season.

Be Aware, Be Prepared!

Atlantic hurricane season is June 1 to November 30. Here along the Gulf coast, August and September are the most likely months for a named storm to make landfall. First, the good news – the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts the 2023 hurricane season will be “near normal.” The bad news? NOAA estimates up to four of the named storms could be a Category 3 hurricane or higher, with wind speeds of at least 111 miles per hour. RISE Association Management Group stands with our communities before, during, and after the storm.

Personal safety is our foremost concern. These protocols are specific to communities RISE manages. Together with the linked checklist, this information is intended to help you prepare well in advance of a weather event, and stay safe during a storm. Actions you take can protect yourself and your entire community. Remember, together we RISE!


  • Keep your contact information current with your community manager. Contact RISE with your preferred telephone, email, and mailing address at [email protected]
  • If interested, sign up to be an Emergency Volunteer. Volunteers help with reporting property damage, assisting other residents, securing building/facility systems, and providing lodging for non-residential storm responders. Volunteer at [email protected].
  • Get on the mobility-impairment list. This list goes to the Fire Department when responding to a building emergency; it covers any resident within your unit. Request the mobility impairment form from [email protected]
  • Prepare an emergency supplies bag. Click here for what to include. Items like water and toilet paper will be in scarce supply immediately before a storm makes landfall.
  • Clear your balcony and outdoor areas. This is to prevent items from becoming projectiles in high winds. This includes heavy items like satellite dishes, potted plants, and furniture. Failure to remove these items may result in a fine and damage assessment if damage occurs from unsecured items.
  • Remove vehicles from any flood prone areas. Identify somewhere on higher ground in advance where you can park vehicles, and designate a driver to assist with the drop-off.
  • Review your insurance coverage. Association insurance policies vary in coverage. These policies NEVER cover your personal belongings.


During a storm with expected wind speeds exceeding 40 MPH, when flooding is expected, or when extended periods of power outage are anticipated, RISE takes the following precautions (where applicable to your property.) Ask your property manager about specific protocols in your community.

  • Elevators– may be shut down to prevent passengers from being trapped during a loss of power or to prevent damage to the cabs from water intrusion. Watch a tutorial here.
  • Mechanical Systems– including air conditioning systems and domestic water pumps, may be shut down to avoid damage to the pumps which occurs when water may be interrupted.
  • Gas and Boilers– may be shut down prior to a storm to prevent possible gas leaks as a result of wind damage. This means you may not have access to hot water until the systems are restored.
  • Automatic Gates– may be held in the open position to avoid ingress/egress disruptions in the event of a loss of power. Watch a tutorial here.
  • Pools and Spas– depending on the type of storm, pools and spas may be closed, water levels reduced, and the pumps shut down to prevent damage from debris entering the system. Watch a tutorial here.
  • Other Amenities– may be shut down or closed to secure property and protect equipment.


  • Photograph any damage to your property and association-maintained property.
  • Mitigate damage to the best of your ability and immediately report it. Contact your Association’s Manager directly, or email [email protected] or call RISE at (713)-936-9200.
  • Allow prompt access to your unit to inspect damage. Please be certain you or a designated individual is available to provide access immediately after a storm. Entry to inspect and mitigate damage is time sensitive and delays may result in further damage.

** All owners have a responsibility to attempt to preserve property affected by a loss to the extent possible. However, never compromise your safety to salvage property.**

We’re no match for Mother Nature. But with preparation and processes already in place, together we can lessen the severity of loss and get on a rapid road to recovery. RISE takes the burden off HOA boards to make sure communities thrive before, during, and after the storm.

Still have questions? Contact RISE Association Management Group or call 713-936-9200 or