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Well, we have survived winter and now with Spring barreling down on us it is a great time to do some spring cleaning and what better place to start than by review your association management services. Let’s face it, when you get in a rut you’re not crazy about the current management services, but is it worth the time to vet some competition? The answer is yes. and now’s the perfect time to do it. Out with the old, in with the new.

What should you look for in association management services?

Sometimes the hardest part of starting this journey is knowing what association management services you really need. Companies like RISE in Houston have a whole fresh concept in condo management because that’s all they do and they do it well. Best of all with their share programs and all association management services expertise you need under one roof, it is easy to tailor a plan that works just for your property.

Some needs you may consider are:

  • Maintenance-Do you need a full-time maintenance person on staff?
  • Collection of monthly homeowner fees and reconciliation of accounts to keep them current.
  • Reserve fund studies and management
  • Review and translation of CRRs and implementation
  • Insurance options with advice for the best fit for your community
  • and much, much more

These are just the basics. There is so much more in association management services that can make your community one that people want to live in.

All association management services are not created equally.

As you spring into action reviewing your association management, remember, not all are created equally. Many of the companies out there handle residential HOAs, commercial groups, condo associations, and well, anyone else that will pay for their services. The problem with this is not all of these groups have the same issues when it comes to management. At RISE, they do one thing; they provide association management services to condominium communities. That is why they ‘rise’ above everyone else in association management services.

Don’t be fooled, the companies that just want to collect a monthly fee have someone stop in and fix something from time to time, then hit you with high fees and very little consistency. They have no ability to help you plan for future success, but RISE does and you can tailor the service to fit your needs.

Give RISE Management a call today and find out why their association management services are right for you, the number is 713.936.9200 or email them at [email protected]. Let RISE spring forward with the tools to achieve success in your association management services.