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Property management services in Houston are making changes to adjust for the influx of Millennials to the condominium market. That’s right, Millennials who cherish their free time are choosing condominiums for their first home due to the “lock and leave” lifestyle they afford. They don’t want the hassle of owning a home, so if your property management services in Houston are doing their job, you’ll have a dedicated tenant.

millennial condo buyers

What millennials expect from property management services in Houston

The millennial population is tech savvy and they expect the same from the people they do business with. This trend has caused property management service in Houston to reconsider the way they do business. Many are rushing to upgrade their website to do more and be more user friendly.

Millennials prefer paying onlineIt’s now pretty much the norm to be able to pay monthly association dues and assessments online, plus see real time their account status. It’s how millennials do business, and property management services in Houston are making it happen. Millennials have no desire to chase your staff and work around your schedule just to make a payment.

Another big one for property management services in Houston when it comes to millennials is the ability to file complaints or request maintenance online and track the progress of that request. Again, millennials do not work around your schedule, that website integration is essential to keeping them happy. They want to put in their request, wait for your response and provide feedback all via a website interface.

Got announcements for the community? It’s fine to post them on the bulletin board for older residents, but millennials want to go to the website and get the info they need. Some property management services in Houston are still adjusting to this one; either doing one or the other but not both. Don’t’ forget to post your CCRs here too.

Millennials expect property management services in Houston to promote community

Millennials like to know their neighbors and they like management services in Houston to make that happen via community mixers. Keep them short, fun and light. This type of event is a time that allows residents to bond and can strengthen community relations which makes the property management services job a little easier.

Millennials and baby boomers can live in perfect harmony if the property management services in Houston manage the process. You must be everything to everyone. Companies like RISE in Houston get and they are making it happen.

Want more information on how your property can attract millennials and keep them happy, explore the RISE difference at or contact RISE at (713) 936-9200 or [email protected].