Iron Chef/ Chili Cook-Off

Get ready to spice up your cooking game with the ultimate culinary showdown! This cooking competition is like no other, where you and your friends will face off in a thrilling cook-off right in the comfort of your own home. Prepare to unleash your creativity and show off your culinary prowess, as you compete to claim the coveted title of the ultimate home chef.

At just $100-150 per person (depending on style), this all-inclusive package includes everything you need, from the necessary materials and equipment to the service and set-up fee.

*Vendor will provide all necessary material and equipment; we only need to provide the space. They can create a custom menu that fits the wants/needs of the community. Event can last about 1.5-2 hours. Cooking can be done in an outdoor or indoor area. They can accommodate up to 125 people per event. They use butane burners but can use electrical as well. They would need low regular outlets for blenders and toaster ovens.

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Per Person


Depending on style. Price includes service and set up fee.