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Riddle me this, why would anyone settle for adequate in anything when you could have great? I’m always perplexed when people ask me for a recommendation and say, “…they don’t have to be great, just adequate will do.” Really? In this case, this is your home or investment property; trust me, you want great property managers! Plain and simple.

So, what do great property managers look like? Let’s examine that, then you decide.

Great property managers: Quality number 1

Great property managers know your property inside and out. They know it fiscally and physically. Even more importantly they know it culturally so they know what you and the other residents expect. Adequate property managers have an onsite manager who is doing it all so time is limited to really get to know the property, there is much more of a tendency toward react rather than act.

Great property manager: Quality number 2

They are fully staffed in every discipline that is needed for successful management of your property. Great property managers like RISE in Houston, have created a property management model that concentrates on condos only and allows for shared resources. You have all the expertise at your call, but your cost is shared by other properties. Everything from onsite managers, maintenance employees, accountants, lawyers, project managers, financial planners and everything in between. You’re always covered by great property managers. Adequate property managers usually consist of teams of 2 to 3 people who are broadly versed in numerous subject areas.

Great property manager: Quality number 3

Great property managers know what you need to protect your investment. Great property managers take reserve fund studies one step further and combine the knowledge of the project managers, maintenance managers and financial managers to do a full fiscal and physical review. They help you plan, drawing on market knowledge from every area. Great property managers help you avoid surprise assessments. Adequate property managers in most cases don’t know what a reserve fund is, nor do they know how one is arrived upon, so assessments are a ways of life.

Great property manager: Quality number 4

Great property managers have professionally trained staff who are experts in their subject areas. Their core value is to provide impeccable customer service at every level of the organization. They have can do everything from providing reports to reconcile individual accounts to providing legal interpretation of your rules and regulations. The adequate property manager has limited staff trying to be experts in everything and still run your property.

Now, you tell me, are you going to be happy with an adequate property manager or are you going to protect your investment and your sanity by hiring a great property manager like RISE in Houston.

Let RISE show you what great property managers work like but putting their progressive association management group model to work for you. Explore the RISE difference at or request a quote by contacting RISE at (713) 936-9200 or [email protected]. Condominium management that increases your value and living experience daily. Check here for more about quality property managers.