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Welcome to Texas, a land of indescribable beauty and unending opportunity. Growth that is evidenced by the daily influx of new residents to all of the major metropolitan areas: Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.

Alas, dear Texas has a dark side too. It is a land of drought, hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, triple digit heat, torrential rain, flash flooding, sand storms and fires that consume acres in mere minutes. (Guess the local chamber isn’t going to hire me anytime soon!) When faced with that dark side, you want to be certain that you have condominium management services that will act according to a plan and not be in react mode because they haven’t got a clue of what they need to do first, much less, when they need to do it.

Condominium management services identity the dark side

The only thing more varied than the weather in Texas is the landscape and climate. We have beautiful coastal regions, hill country with scenic lakes, west Texas desert and piney woods in the east. Every area has its own unique risk for natural disaster. Condominium management services understand the importance of planning for the types of disasters your area is most prone to. They know what they need to do to mitigate the impact.

Condominium management services protecting you and your assets

Condominium management services provide valuable resources by their relationships with first responders, city, state and in some cases national leadership. They know the cities plans for disasters and more importantly, condominium management services have a plan for your property. The condominium management services direction during one of these events can save lives, limit damage to physical property and aid in evacuation or housing needs. Don’t think it can happen to you? Numerous counties at this very time are offering FEMA assistance from recent events see map here.

The storm after the storm

The problem with most natural disasters is they don’t end when the event ends. There is still that recovery time that can drag on for months and sometimes years. Condominium management services that have emergency plans also are known for having contingency plans that identify critical needs and provide a road map to fast and efficient recovery. Many of these plans include relationships with vendors cultivated to provide priority or expedited services. This is why picking the right condominium management service is so important. RISE, comprehensive condominium management services can help you feel secure when disaster strikes. Learn more about RISE by visiting or request a quote by contacting RISE at (713) 936-9200.