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Remember the old “Love Is” series of cartoons? The top condo amenities for 2018 fit well into that cartoon scenario. Let’s take a look at a few of the “Love Is” condo amenities for 2018.

Condo Amenities 2018“Love Is”…Smart home technology.

Condo owners are individuals who like the freedom to do what they want, when they want. They long for uncomplicated lives. They want all the bells and whistles when it comes to their smart home technology. They want voice activation when they’re home, but control remotely for their spontaneous lifestyles. Don’t scrimp here or you’re bound to lose out in 2018.

“Love Is”…High end fiber optics and more.

The discerning condo owner today is looking for high end fiber and more. They want to know the building they’re buying into can support the future advances like electric vehicles and robotic technology and more. It takes sophisticated systems to run the tech side of the building and it occupants, don’t under deliver here.

See where Forbes is setting the expectation

“Love Is”…City views and social spaces in Houston.

In Houston, luxury condos are boasting spectacular city views that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your private balcony or in one of the many rooftop verandas that serve as social hubs. In fact, according to Inman, the social areas one of the most in demand condo amenities in 2018.

“Love Is”…Indoor basketball courts, glass bottom pools and gyms with personal trainers.

Condo dwellers love their walk-about lifestyle and like the over-the-top convenience of never having to leave their buildings to enjoy some cardio. Indoor basketball courts and in-house gyms with either personal trainers onsite or virtual trainers are a must in condo amenities for 2018. The more daring love the new glass bottom pools that allow you feel like you’re swimming in the clouds. It’s all about the snap!

“Love Is”…Personal shoppers, valet trash service, valet car service and more.

The final “Love Is” in this cartoon of must have condo amenities for 2018 is someone who can do everything menial for them. Dad’s birthday coming up…call the personal shopper, let them worry. You just show up with the perfect gift. Ready to leave, drag the trash to the hall, buzz the valet and have your car waiting for you all warmed up.

Make the “Love Is” happen.

These “Love Is” must have 2018 condo amenities don’t just happen automatically. It takes a top of the line association management company to manage this caliber of property. They must have the diversified services and qualified personnel to implement and continue the upgrade of your luxury condo property.

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