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Ever felt like your community could benefit from having its own dedicated maintenance employee, but often wondered how to make it happen with limited resources? We’ve got you covered! In fact, many communities do not require full-time employees, but they most definitely need someone dedicated to their property. This is where our “shared” employee model gives you the best of both. You get the advantage of building out a work schedule that makes sense for your community without having to pay ridiculous contractor rates. Start taking control of your maintenance needs before it takes control of you.

  • Shared Maintenance Employee
  • Full-time Maintenace Employee
  • Preventative and Routine Maintenance
  • Experienced Facilities Managers

Components of Better Management

Finance Experts

To function well as an association you need expertise in the financial / administrative side of a community association as well as in facilities management. However, those are very different fields and one person isn’t usually an expert in both. As a company, we believe our staff should double down on their strengths and punt on their weaknesses. For that reason, we do not require our accounting staff to manage roof replacements and we don’t think you should either. Instead we have designed a very different program to ensure you get the expertise and time you need.

Maintenance Technician

The second component is a first-of-its-kind maintenance technician sharing program where you share maintenance personnel with other communities in the area who don’t have a full time need. This allows you to pay employee rates rather than contractor rates. You can schedule as much or as little time as you need from our maintenance technicians. Whether it’s just 4 hours a month or 40 we can handle porter service, minor plumbing or electrical, checking light bulbs, and other routine and preventative maintenance by using one of our technicians who service other condominiums in your area.