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Rise has set a new standard in condo association management. Offering a management program exclusively tied to condominiums, we’re able to deliver superior results over the other management companies. Our unique model takes the existing association management model and turns it upside-down.

We believe condo association management should be managed differently from single-family HOAs.

  • CFO Insights Reporting
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Work Order Management Systems
  • Banking/Website Integration
  • Board/Owner of Online Resources
  • Risk Management and Prevention
  • Effective Receivables/Collection Management
  • Compliance Enforcement

Townhome Specific

We begin our relationship by evaluating the financial situation, followed by the development of your own Community Association Financial Strength (CAFS) Plan. This process helps both the Board and RISE set the benchmark for creating financial goals and objectives.

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Townhome Management

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Is my townhome actually a condo?

Everyone- remain seated. The answer is: maybe. There are about 4 easy ways to tell the difference and you’ll need to refer to your Declaration, Plat, Articles of Incorporation, and/or your bylaws to know for sure. The shortest way to find out is if you purchases real property consisting of a lot and block legal description then you’re probably a single family townhome and this makes a big difference.

What's the difference between a Single Family Townhome and a Condominium that calls itself a townhome?

A LOT! For one: you are governed by two totally distinct sections of the law for most of your day to day operations and these have some major implications for your responsibilities and abilities. This is one of first things we’ll find out when you reach out to us.

Why is RISE the right solution for my townhome?

We’re a flexible and customizable solution. If your community has a desire to make meaningful progress- we can help. If you want to keep things simple: we can help. Tell us about your goals and we can share a path.